Saturday, December 26, 2009

how do you feel

how do you feel when you have nothing? are you willing to do anything to get it? have you ever been hungry? and tried evrything to get a job and nothng was going your way? i mean you did everything leagal, and finally you gave up? hell even stealing looked good. well let me tell you something, when you have nothing and i do mean nothing then by all means you will find away to get it! i have slept with really fat nasy looking guys to pay my rent, i have sold dope on the street corners just to have a goodnights meal. i did it all and would do it again or so i thought but then something happen in my life. i foung God. funny right. most people find him i thought was con artists or people who went to jail and wanted my damn money but i was wrong. when i found him i had nothing and nobody. maybe he found me... all this and more in confessions of a sinner

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